Lightbulb [Q] K900 need to know the location of direct emmc connections

OK so I have a bricked device that cannot be recovered using mft and xfstkdownloader and therefore I have figured out that the only way to fix my k900 (that does not turn on neither does it blink any key lights) is to find a way how to directly access its emmc Samsung KLMAG2GE4A-A001 what then can be rewritten like a sdcard when connected to the computer. I think I may have found Jtag pins, but I am low on budget and therefore cannot afford a Jtag programmer and think that a direct access to the emmc is the cheapest solution.

I would like to know the locations of the following pins on the mainboard of the k900:
https OOO :// - The K900 internal pics of the FCC of USA remove the spaces and OOO.
I think that many people could fix their K900 with just a sdcard reader connected to the emmc using wires.
To rewrite the partitions and do data recovery.

Thanks for reading my letter.