Default [TIP] Smart case explained after time...

Hi every one, here on xda for g pad, we, or almost 70-80% of us, maybe not, haven't discovered the way how the smart case works, or its place, today, i found the spot where's the magnet lands, after a heavy usage of the smart case, the leather-like, or fake leather that's textured into the internal face of the case, has been swatted out with my fingers and my thumb, so, you are about to have the knowledge to use a magnet and test it in your ROM without a case, actually, let's get started!

What are you looking at, is the magnet in the left, its placed right there, so you're informed about it, and what placed in the right is the G Pad v500, in portrait mode, the magnet is located at the middle of the portrait bezel in the left, good to know...

Press thanks if you like, if you're happy now, comment in!
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