Question Cannot backup / change Reovery


I have used TowelRoot and AutoRec and otherwise have a stock Verizon G2

I made sure I cleared up some space and went to backup my phone in TWRP. I have 13gb free and need 6.9gb for the backup. The backup kept failing. Sometimes it would give me an error "backup file size for "/data/media/0/twrp/BACKUPS/...' is 0 bytes"

Sometimes it would not show any error, just that it failed. Sometimes it is quick, sometimes it takes awhile. The last attempt it backed up 3.5gb of stuff before failing.

So I decided to try CWM and Installed ROM Manager from the market to see if I would have different results. It said it flashed CWM fine and when I got into Recovery, it was back into TWRP?

I have TWRP

What is going on? This is my first go at flashing the G2 since owning it. I used to be a flashaholic and have finally felt the bug to check out some new ROMs.
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