Unhappy LGG2 Sound problem

So, I updated my G2 to Kitkat a while back and noticed this problem:

Around 1-2 sec of the video you can clearly hear the sound changing to a more suppressed sound, what is this idiotic annoying feature??
Im seconds from throwing it out the window for destroying all my videos...
I can't find anyone with the same problem, I however found several threads about Noise Cancellation. Is this what it is??

Also I've noticed that sometimes when certain people call me, it sounds like the are sitting the can, or like the speaker phone is on. Sound vibrates through the whole chassis.

These issues I were told was Kitkat specific, however now I have downgraded to 4.2.2 jellybean, and the issues are still there (well the video recording one anyway), I haven't tried calling anyone yet.