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Thank You for being apart of the beta program!

Your feedback is much needed in order to improve the product.

The LG G3 is much like it's predecessor in which the curvatures on the device are so great it makes wrapping 100% of the device very difficult. We spend days prototyping hundreds of possibilities to the most extreme fit to the easiest to install for the consumer. The ultimate goal is to find the nice mix between both.

The bottom does look a bit off, not bad I might say for your first install! This is 3M carbon fiber and can take a beating. With that said you can reheat the bottom and readjust as needed for that perfect alignment.

The sharp corners are unfortunately the issue with all vinyl wraps, they leave a very small 90 angle that over time with wear slightly down allowing for a more comfortable feel in the hands. I say hands because the G3 is a MONSTER of a phone.

Let me know when interested in snatching up the Blue Glow. We offer XDA members a sweet discount.
Do you think that glow would be available in other colors? I could definitely go for a red and my girlfriend might even be interested in a purple one.

Anyway, onto my beta feedback. I got my black carbon skin today in the mail and I'm pretty impressed. The black contrasts nicely with a white G3. It looks great.

The biggest downside is that the corners aren't covered. If the metal band around around the phone was completely covered, it would look amazing. Still, though, corners aside, it's a pretty slick wrap.

At first, I wasn't even going to put the sides, top, and bottom on because all I really wanted was the back covered. My mind was changed after adding one side and seeing the results. I did decide against putting on the front skins. The color just looked dull on top of the glass screen. Maybe I'll change my mind tonight just to see how it looks fully assembled.

It's relatively easy to apply. The sides were the easiest, followed by the tops and bottoms, with the back being most difficult. The cut out line up nice, though it's kind of awakard finding that perfect fit, but that's no fault of the wraps.

Lining up the back was a task, but you're able to pull it off and reapply it until you get it. It seemed like every time I got close to having a perfect fit, cut outs on side just weren't lined up. What worked best for me was lining up the laser and speaker on the left side. Going top to bottom or bottom to top wasn't working for me, but left to right did.

As for texture, this is my first time having carbon fiber anything so I wasn't sure what to expect. The naked back of this phone is really slippery so anything you put on it is a huge improvement. Personally, though, I wish it had a grippier texture. It's smooth, but I don't think it'll fly out of a hand as quickly as a naked phone would. I wouldn't feel 100% using my phone without some extra protection (I'm looking to add a bumper case once I find one).

These are my first impressions and I like it a lot.

I do have a couple suggestions/requests. First, I think it would be really cool if there was an option to get a skin that had the LG G3 logo on the back of it rather than just being plain. I used to a have a red "true color" skin from dbrand on my Nexus 4 and it had the Nexus logo cut out so that it still shined through and it looked really nice.

Second, I'd like to request a grippier skin. Something maybe that feels more rubbery or even similar to the Nexus 5 back so that it just feels a whole lot more secure in your hands. As good as this case looks, I'm still not sure I'd be completely convinced that I should use this without a case. My Cruzerlite case is kinda see through so I'll probably wear that over the phone still.

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