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Welcome to the LG G3 general information and topics forum. The LG G3 is the 2014 successor to the popular LG G2 flagship device. The G3 retains styling elements of the G2, but improves on internal hardware and screen size. This forum is for subjects such as: index on LG G3 - ROMs, Kernels, MODs, Recoveries, Themes, LG G3 battery life discussions and other general discussion on the device.

Since this is not a development section, you can post on general topics that all users will encounter with the LG G3. Any registered XDA user can post in this forum. Do not post questions; they go into the LG G3 questions forum, which is also where you can ask for help with your phone.

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Views: 3,769,382 30th June 2012
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by El Daddy
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by TonyStark
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Latest Post: 7th October 2014 08:50 PM
by JimmyMcGee
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by El Daddy
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by bekham76
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by jrtancinco
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by ItsJacobee
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by ItsJacobee
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by KamikazeRO
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by salegosse
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by richiruix
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by qum
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by bikrame
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by topet2k12001
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by Grizzly6117
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Latest Post: Yesterday 10:32 PM
by tsimitsangaz
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by EMJI79
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Latest Post: Yesterday 07:56 PM
by dryjoint
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by Cow07
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by k00k4burr4
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by Sipi1302
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