Default [Q] Calendar invites - Dialling phone numbers

Hi All,
Having a bit of difficulty with calendar invites (from exchange, but don't think that matters).

Im trying to replicate some HTC functionality that no other vendors seem to have yet. With HTC sense, if you click on a phone number within a meeting invite, the number starts dialling but still shows the meeting invite details on screen with the dial pad. This allows you to punch in conference bridge details after the number connects without having to swap back and forth between the dialler and the invite. Both LG, Sammy and vanilla Android switch to the contacts picture view and wont show the invite, and switching back and forth to get the bridge details and dial it in before it times out is a nightmare. Not sure what Sony/Moto/others do.. but don't really care at this point

Any suggestions? Its a real usability deal breaker for me using this as a work device.