Default [Q] LG-D855 Locked by Update "V10h"

I purchased an "LG G3 D855 LTE 32GB Black Quadcore Android GSM unlocked phone from "AT GSM Inc."

After getting daily Update download that failed to install because the phone was rooted I used LG PC Suite to get the compatible update. The update installed was "V10h-HKG-XX" After the update the phone was no longer "rooted." additionally my 32GB MicroSD is not recognized. Otherwise the phone works fine.

I have been unable to root with "PurpleDrake" and also unable to root with "Stump Root" Has anyone reversed to update or found a way to "Root" after "V10h-10h-HKG-X"?

Requested assistance from LG, Answer was; "International or rooted phones are not supported.