Question Powermat charging behavoir

I came from Nexus 5 with Qi chargers, so I'll be comparing my experience to that.

Is anyone noticing the phone STOPS charging at 100% via the powermat and doesn't trickle charge to keep it close to 100%? I charge my phone overnight and I'm waking up to ~70% charge and charging off (no indicators of charging on phone or powermat). My qi mats all kept trickle charging at 100% so I wouldn't lose battery.

Now the bitch part - I swear the first few weeks with powermat, I was waking up to 100% charge and suddenly it's changed.

So what are other people's experience with this? There was a lot of discussion about qi chargers that behaved differently based on brand. Some did trickle charge, others didn't.

The further I go using an att g3, the more I want to sell it and run to t-mobile.