Unhappy [Q] [RANT] Australia Vodafone LG G3 issues.

Hey folks,

Recently I purchased a LG G3 on contract from Vodafone Australia (I got the G Watch free so it was a sweet deal). Although I had been using an iPhone prior to this, I'm in fact an Android lover and fan. I was using the iPhone due to unavoidable circumstances (no cash for a new one and this one was lying around at home). I did a lot of research and reading up before going for a new phone and decided on the G3, given its killer specs and impressive reviews.

But it's been two weeks now and its just problems after problems. I've not even rooted or installed any mods or such.

Audio issues - Inability to connect to external device via AUX cable. Like there's a lot of hissing and static but no audio output.
Until recently, my Audio Technica ATH M50's were working fine but today I discovered sound is playing only from the left speaker and the right one just hisses and crackles. Like when i navigate menu's and make selections, the hissing fluctuates.
Also, when I put a call on speaker phone, the mic does not work.
Yet again, when I use the handset speaker for a normal call, it hisses and crackles.

Overall I'm really disappointed with the audio performance. Everything else is alright considering the device is running an OEM skin along with factory settings.

My question is, are there any fixes for the above issues I have listed? Are they hardware based (not fixable) or software based (potentially fixable via a firmware update or mod, if and such when one becomes available) Does anyone else in Australia on Vodafone have the same issues? If so are you considering trading back on warranty for a new one. And yet again, what is the guarantee that the new device will be rid of all these issues?