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Republic Wireless is a game-changer for the mobile industry - they offer a unique hybrid WiFi / Cell system.

When you are on WiFi, your calls, sms, and data go out over WiFi. When you are away from WiFi, they use the Sprint Cell network for calls, sms & data.

One of the most unique features is seamless WiFi to Cell handoff! Imagine you are at home, talking to a friend through WiFi. You need to leave, so you start walking towards your car. As soon as you approach the end of WiFi range, your call is automatically handed over to Cell with no interruptions.

Another great benefit is that Republic Wireless is the ONLY MVNO that I know of that offers ROAMING!!!

If there is no Sprint service available, your phone will roam to Verizion, or any other network that Sprint has a roaming agreement with. This doesn't cost you a dime.

The plans are VERY attractive:

$5 - Unlimited everything on WiFi ONLY

$10 - Unlimited everything on WiFi, unlimited Talk/Text on Cell (NO cell data) [includes free roaming]

$25 - Unlimited everything on WiFi AND Cell, with 3G data [includes free roaming]

$40 - Unlimited everything on WiFi AND Cell, with 4G LTE data! [includes free roaming]

(There IS a 5 gigabyte soft-cap, after which you will be throttled. This cap ONLY applies to cell data, as WiFi [of course] is truly unlimited)

You can also change plans up to twice a month from the handset itself! No calling or going online to do it. So if you are planing to travel somewhere and will need data, just switch up from the $10 plan as you see fit. Change from any plan to any other plan twice per month!

They have some pretty attractive phone offerings as well. You can get the Moto X (my phone - supports 4G LTE), or the Moto G (doesn't support 4G LTE).

To save $20 off your service, sign up using the link in my signature, or CLICK HERE. To save the $20, you must order direct from Republic Wireless. MotoMaker orders do not qualify for this promotion.

If you have questions, post them here and I will try to answer.

Happy saving!!!

Keep in mind that this service is best if you have good Sprint coverage in your area. In my area, Sprint coverage is excellent, so RW works great for me. If in doubt, check coverage first. As a rule of thumb, if you have used (or currently use) Sprint, you can expect the coverage, and data speeds to be identical. You do NOT get throttled unless you exceed the 5 gigabyte soft-cap.
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Looking for a new carrier? Check out Republic Wireless!
Plans starting at $10 for unlimited talk/text and $25 with unlimited data.
Use this link to save $20. RW is my carrier and I couldn't be happier with them.

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