Post Canvas HD USB Detection and Corrupt Internal SD Card Issue.

Hello guys. So I've been recently using my Canvas HD with the Unoffical Cyanogenmod 11 (4.4.4). Here are the issues I face -

1. - My computer does not detect a USB Connection. I mean after connecting the USB the phone charges well enough, but neither the PC detects the phone nor is there an option of USB Mass Storage in the phone. Although I can still Tether internet or enable Debugging. I checked device manager and after connecting the device the mtk preloader comes up for a second and then disappears.

2 - I tried to use the Expand Phone Storage thing on my device for the A116. Now what has happened is that while I did it, SP Flash Tools could not locate my device (this is either due to USB not working or me not having VCOM drivers. And I need to be connected by USB phone to install VCOM Drivers. I use Win 8.1). So, while my internal storage is now 2.46 GB, my Internal SD Card has gone corrupt and no longer shows anything. I can't even start the Gallery now. External SD works just fine.

So these are the issues I face. I'm kind of new to these things so if anyone could help me, I would highly appreciate it. Thankyou.