Tutorial Problem with [Recovery] PhilZTouch 6.27.4 based on CWM v6.0.4.8 for A116

Just want to share my experiment. I made backup of my phone using CWM, after that I updated my recovery with PhilZTouch 6.27.4 based on CWM v6.0.4.8. When I restore my backup using PhilZTouch 6.27.4 based on CWM v6.0.4.8, my phone boot loader get stuck and restarted again & again without proper loading.
Then I revert back on my previous (backup) recovery by using PhilZTouch 6.27.4 custom recovery ---> recovery restore. I rebooted phone and come into recovery mode. This time i was booted into my old recovery CWM .
I again restore my backup using this this recovery. It resolved my booting problem and my phone booted normally & working fine.