Default [HOW TO]Fix GPS in Canvas 2 plus

Often in many custom ROMS we find that GPS doesn't work or GPS takes a lot of time to fix. So here is a quick solution for fixing GPS on our Canvas 2 Plus (Will work for most MEDIATEK phones):

1. Install MobileUncleTools from the play store.
2. Go to Engineering Mode from the app.
3. After that press “Engineer Mode (MTK).
4. Go to “Location” and then to “Location Based Services”
5. Tap on EPO and check that “Enable EPO” is enabled and then press on “EPO IDLE”
6. "EPO IDLE” will change to “EPO DOWNLOADING”, so you will need to wait few minutes to download a file.

7. After downloading is over. It will change to "EPO IDLE". Now Press back and enter YGPS:[
8. In YPGS, press HOT then FULL then AGPS RESET.
9. Enjoy!!! Your GPS should now work much better.