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Hi all,

After lots of trial and error I've found a way to get the Gear working (with basic functionality) with the Motorola Moto G, so just posting here in case it helps anybody else. There are probably other ways of doing it but this is how I did it. Lots of other methods I've seen gave lots of force crashes and heartache, but finally found a method that works well. Hopefully it will work for you too.

Software version on watch: V700XXUBNC1
I'm on stock Android 4.4.4
It should work with other versions (4.2+)

Phone needs unlocked bootloader.
Phone needs to be rooted or some apk's will fail to install.

Get relevant Gear Manager files here:
Gear Manager stub file here:

-Install gearmanagerstub.apk to /system/app on your Moto G.
-Download Gear Manager 2.1.14062401 apk
-Download Gear Manager 2.1.14052101 then rename the .apk file to .zip
-Open the file in winrar and go to assets/preinstallapks folder.
-Extract the following file: connectionmanager_signed.apk
-Install the file Gear Manager 2.1.14062401 apk on your Moto G
-Install connectionmanager_signed.apk last

-Reset your Galaxy Gear if not already
-Open Gear Manager on your phone
-Go to system>bluetooth turn on bluetooth and pair up watch+phone
-Accept the bluetooth pairing on both devices (it may take a few attempts to have them co-operating)
-Install all the files that your phone asks you to install.
-Try to pair them up (obviously we don't have NFC but just keep trying to connect them and it will succeed)
-Keep trying until it connects and succeeds to finish the setup and the watch works

If you get any lockups then just go into settings>apps>gear1 plugin and force stop then clear data and try again.
Both devices must have a valid bluetooth connection at the same time.

Job done.

N.B. This will only give basic functionality for your device, but at least it works with the Moto G

Watch faces
Camera picture transfer
Camera video transfer
Watch Styler (needs separate install)
Call log
Can sideload apps
USB debug
Wake-up gesture
Media controller volume control with google play music app

Not working:
hidden apps after reboot
Media controller previous/next track, play/pause with google play music app

A couple of pics from the watch:

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