Lightbulb [Q] flashing roms back and forth?

Ok, so I've been doing a lot of reading, and would like some confirmation for if I understand this part correctly, I had a hard time finding anything on flashing rules for the moto g.

In general you can flash any rom stock or custom back and forth as long as you stay within the same version number or you can update, but no downgrading, am I right? So if I have a boost moto g with stock 4.4.2 and I flash to Verizon stock 4.4.2(for pageplus) or CM11(for custom rom) I can then turnaround and flash boost stock 4.4.2 and everything will be fine? as long as I don't upgrade to 4.4.4 in which case I would be fine as long as I stay within 4.4.4 roms?

Please let me know if I understand this correctly, and if I missed any small but important details that have to do with rom flashing.