Default Freeze/Frame drops in games on any 4.4.4 Rom

Hi! I'm a new member of this forum, but i follow moto g section untill 2013.

Lastly i decided that i wanna update my moto g (xt 1032) to 4.4.4 variant, at the begining everything was alright, but when i install a few games and try to play it i have a system freeze for a few seconds. Then everything works fine but for a moment cuz I had again a freeze or frame drop. This scene last over and over again. The whole system works good and smooth. The problem only occurs when I wanna play a game. It doesn't matter which kind of game i wanna play (Asphalt 8, Benji Bananas, Follow the line etc.). In every game i have the same issue. I tried other 4.4.4 Roms (PA (Nightlies/Finaly), CM11 (Nightlies/Stable), PAC, Endorhix), kernels, configs, trying art and dalvik but without a result.

The funny thing is that i restore my moto g to 4.4.2 version and the problem simply vanished, also at lego rom 4.4.3 everything works fine.

So it seems that when i install 4.4.4 i have to do something wrong... I always wipe data, cache, dalvik and system via TWRP 2.7.10 recovery, every time install rom and if it is needed PA GApps.

I don't know what I'm doing wrong... Please help me! Currently I'm on CM 11 nightly and xperience 07 kernel where problem occurs too.