Default [Q] otg ps3 wireless/otg root/no-root help

i have a question about ps3 controllers and my moto g. i am so sorry i know that the info is already provided in this forum but i have NO idea and info about rooting since there's too much info on what to do/what not to do, and information is scattered everywhere. all i see are gibberish. I am so overwhelmed and at a loss.

1. i have this after glow ps3 controller(only usb no wireless bluetooth pairing for ps3) and i used it with my otg cable on my moto G and it works. my ps3 controller doesnt but it worked on my nexus 7(now dead). is ps3 not supported by default or do i have to root it to use it?

2. If i root it just for sixaxis, will i lose my warranty? will i still be able to get the latest on the air updates automatically?