Default [Q] Questions regarding unlocked Moto G on Verizon

I currently have a contract plan with Verizon Wireless and for now plan to stick with it. I made the mistake of buying a Moto G on craigslist that is meant to only be for the prepaid verizon plan. I wanted to unlock this phone for the purpose of installing cyanogenmod 11 on it but see now sadly that Motorola won't unlock the prepaid verizon Moto G phones (xt1028). However I saw on other threads here that this phone can allegedly be unlocked for $45 from an alternative source, which I'm willing to do if it makes sense for my situation.
Referring to this:

I also noticed confusion about whether or not I can run CM11 properly on this particular phone. I first saw here that it apparently does work:

But I haven't seen the xt1028 listed as a supported phone on any place to download CM11. So does it work? Does it basically work but have bugs?

Other major question is, can I unlock this prepaid verizon phone I have, install CM11 on it, and then successfully use it with my Verizon contract plan?

Would appreciate any thoughts. If I can actually do everything I want to do then I have no problem paying for the unlock code.