Talking The simplest solution

Hey my friends,

it's been a while since the last one postet something in this thread but now I also discovered an easy method to convert your device back into a fully working GPE-Rom.

This guide will help you if:
  • you're temporarily running a custom ROM (method from the OP) OR
  • you allready recovered your 4.4.2 / 4.4.4 STOCK rom.

So what I did is actually really really simple: I just grabbed the Verizon US 4.4.4 image from '' (it's the only available 4.4.4 factoy image right now) and flashed first the gpt image and then the motoboot image.
Iswitched over to my extractet 4.4.2 GPE firmware and started to flash everything else, EXCPET gpt and motoboot. -> You know the process guys: first logo, then boot, recovery, system, etc.

Finally you just reboot and (at least I was) you're fine.

If I helped anybody, pls hit thanks; If you know it better, feel free to reply :P
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  • Rooted