Default [Q] Weird Issue with MTP connection


I have Moto G, and today i try to do some clean on my internal memory...

Plug my phone, accept connection like always... i start clean up by deleting some empty folders, and suddenly i get error, that the device can't be contacted, skip or skip all or conceal... classic

I uncheck/ check MTP box, to reconnect the device, and surprise no data, all my fu**ing DATA disappeared.................................. my all data was wiped by some bug or i don't know, i have no explication for that, i reboot, but nothing.

Weird problem her guys, i dont know how to resolve it!

Here some details that can maybe help
1 - As i say; i m falcon stock rom 4.4.2, rooted, with exposed/gravity box for customization and twrp recovery
2 - i use foldersync from google play app, to sync my folders with Gdrive

I will really appreciate help to get back my family pictures or get explaination to avoid this problem in the futur
Thank you
Moto G fan club from Morocco