Default [Q] Wifi suddenly stopped working

So I flashed a Boost Mobile Moto G a few months ago to use on Selectel. All was going well, until a day or so ago when all of a sudden my wi-fi stopped working.

At home, I (sometimes) see the connection listed under Settings, but if I click it I never connect. Sometimes even if I'm sitting right next to the wireless router (as I am right now), it is listed as "not in range". Meanwhile all other devices in the home work fine.

At work, we have a wireless network that is open but requires a browser sign in (like you see with free hotel wi-fi). It will show up either as "Not in Range" or "Saved", but if I try to connect to it, it just does nothing. Rarely I was able to get the "Sign into wi-fi" alert, but when I click that and go to the browser, I'm never able to connect.

I have tried the obvious steps of disabling and enabling the wi-fi / powering on and off, etc. I reset my home wireless router a few times as well though I don't think it's that since it is happening in other locations as well

Any thoughts?