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Hey Guys.
I am creating some boot animations for my MotoG XT1033. So i thought of sharing it with you guys. Am a newbie, so don't expect too much. Eventually i hope i could do better. So here are my bootanimations.
Hope you enjoy!

Available Resolutions:
XHDPI = 720x1280
These Bootanimations May work on most of the devices with resolution 720x1280 (Except for Samsung Devices, These bootanimations doesnt work in Samsung Made Phones)
* Unlocked bootloader
* Rooted device
* Root explorer app (ES File Explorer recommended)
Install Instructions:
Step 1. Download the Zip
Step 2.Rename it to "bootanimation" & Transfer "" to internal SD card
Step 3. Copy file to /system/media. (There will be already a file named bootanimation in it. Move that to a safe location)
The path for HTC device is different. Path may vary with the Phone you are using.
Step 4. Set file permission to rw-r-r- (Recommended that you make a backup of your rom in case something goes wrong)
Step 5. Reboot
Preview of Clash of Clans Boot animation

Also Watch Full video In This Link

I created a different boot animations for my MotoG XT1033 based off of Cyanogen Inc's new logo by @SlurmsMcKenzie, Motorola and Android Bot and thought I might share it with the community.This is My first ever Boot Animation.
This the Combined Boot animation of android bot and motorola logo and cyanogen, Because am a huge fan of these three.
Preview Android,Motorola Cyanogen combined Bootanimation

I'll be adding more XHDPI boot animations later.
Press Thanks if you Liked it.
Love to hear your suggestions
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