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Hello all

So here I am in my first topic

For Mac users can be tough to work with commands, which most of it has to be done in order to perform stuff in our Moto X.

Instead of having to mount virtual machines in order to have access to Windows' stuff. Or the Android SDK has to be installed, browse to specific folders to run commands from them, etc.

We can work directly in our precious Terminal!

So, I made a little script that will allow Mac users to work directly on Terminal, no matter which folder we are working on. I've included the following files:
  • adb
  • fastboot
  • mfastboot (Motorola's modified version of fastboot)

To Install
  1. Run Terminal (/Applications/Utilities/
  2. Browse to the folder in which the script resides, i.e., if it’s in Desktop, then type in Terminal “cd Desktop/ADBInstall” (without quotes).
  3. To run the script type “./” (without quotes).
  4. You will see input on the screen.
That’s it

To Uninstall

You can safely remove the 3 files in one command, just run the script by following step 1 and 2 from the Install section. Instead of following step 3, type the following in Terminal: “./” (without quotes).

Hope you like it
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