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Help me decide!!! LG g2 or Moto X

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Default Help me decide!!! LG g2 or Moto X

I need inputs from the moto x people here if y'all have any regrets or would u get a g2 instead of the moto x

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Moto x. Better software. No lag. Faster updates.

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Moto X of course. But, what did you expect when posting a question like this in the Moto X forum? I had the LG G2 and heavily favor the Moto X. Still think it's an awesome phone after a few months.

My comment on this was in one of these two postings:


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Originally Posted by shaqqq View Post
Moto x. Better software. No lag. Faster updates.

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This. G2 has better display, better battery life and MUCH better camera. Moto x has better software, better performance, more useful features, better speaker. If it wasnt for the lag i would say the G2 is better but because of it i say moto x.
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Both phones are amazing in their own personal way...
I had the LG g2 after the moto x, then came back to the Moto x....

I missed the breathing notifications, and all of the personalization that comes with the moto x.

Fwiw, the LG g2 is a phone that you must root and put a custom rom onto in order to enjoy it ; at least for me.

The moto x is awesome out of the box!

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I think it is a personal preference, they are both really good phones.

I have both and for me the G2 is the better phone. The moto is too small, the screen isn't as good, and is a touch slower and the camera is a step behind. Further, I tend to keep my phones for 2 years or longer and I feel like the G2 will be the better phone in the long haul. I know that some people complain about the UI but after a few weeks of using, rooting, and tweaking it I have it just the way I want it, lean but still useful feature rich. I loaded CM on it for 3 days and went back to my version of stock. It was just missing too much.

The moto is a great phone, the updates have been impressive, the features rock and my wife loves it. It is the good size for her and she doesn't care about screen resolution (or kit kat) in the slightest. She had a razr maxx and it was too big for her. She is much happier now with her pink and black moto x

good luck with your decision.
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If you post this question on the "Moto X" area = Moto X winner
If you post this question on the "LG G2" area = G2 winner

G2 has better specs, better screen... but it's big, and clumsy, and made by LG which we all know, really don't care for updates... in the end, it's up to you...
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I tried the G2 before the X (coming from a S4) and for me the screen was the deal breaker. I didn't like the G2 screen. I'm just a sucker for SAMOLED I guess but the low contrast and saturation of the G2 (both stock and CM10.2) drove me nuts constantly.

G2 wins on camera, battery life and audio quality over both the X and S4. The G2 processor absolutely smokes but I've been pleasantly surprised by the X in that regard as well. I'm not a gamer so this is just working with regular apps but it feels faster than the S4 and not too far off the G2.


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