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Moto X, G, E - 4.4.4 KitKat Rollout

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Originally Posted by sidgallup View Post
Moto x At&t 4.4.2, how the **** do i stop the update notification from ever poping up again? it's driving me insane, im already rooted and have Titanium Backup installed, what's the name of the system update app please.
Freeze MotorolaOTA with TiBu. Problem solved.
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Originally Posted by rohit3787 View Post
Here's the link to the Indian Moto X XT1052.
Don't flash/install until you have an Indian Moto X XT1052, obviously.

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Is this file can be flashed via TWPR?
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Jesus where are you US
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Has the camera significantly improved I'm 4.4.4? Like a lot? Gotta decide between this and G2

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Originally Posted by AndroidInsanity View Post
Has the camera significantly improved I'm 4.4.4? Like a lot? Gotta decide between this and G2
The camera improvements over time have been substantial. The majority of online camera comparisons out there with the Moto X are outdated. I'll repost my opinions that I posted at another board. This was in comparison to a Galaxy S4 GPE on Android 4.4.3.

I don't do selfies and I don't video chat, so I can't or won't comment as to the qualify difference of the front facing camera. As to the rear facing camera, I'm going to say some things that are not in line with general perception. The Moto X has the better camera for typical usage.

Ignore, for a moment, all of those online camera comparisons. I could almost NEVER get those kinds of shots out of my S4. And here's why. First off, most of those shots were taken outdoors, on a tripod or other steadying device, in ideal sunlight, with little to no movement. In other words, ideal circumstances. In these situations, the 13MP shooter on the S4 is superior to the 10MP wide angle lens on the Moto X. Photos on the S4 are clearer and more accurate in these situations, but the Moto X shots are more than passable.

Now, let's try some real life shots, like say, indoor shots of my toddler running around in her diaper ripping stuff off the walls. The S4? Even with the lights on, it's grainy and blurry. The X? Some slight grain, but not as bad as the S4. Almost no blur to be seen. The Moto X allows more light into the lens and therefore the shutter speed is faster. If you have kids, this is a key element that is never taken into account during online camera comparisons. The S4 may be better in the land of rainbows, sunshine, and unicorns, but I'll take the slightly lower quality daylight (and higher quality elsewhere) with the faster shutter speeds. As for low light shots? They are both horrid. Neither produces serviceable low-light shots. The flash in the S4 makes a low-light photo viewable, but overexposed. The X's flash is beyond useless. Get a real camera for these situations. If you're considering a smart phone purchase specifically based on this need, get an iPhone 5s or an HTC One.

And last, but not least, is the twist to launch camera feature of the Moto X. I thought this was a gimmick before buying it. Again, due to my kids, this feature is a Godsend. Before Moto X: Pull phone from pants pocket, look down at phone, unlock to camera, point camera at kids...where did they go!? After Moto X - pull camera from pocket, twist twice as I bring it to eye level, point at you, you little bastards! Yes, it makes that much of a difference. Bottom line is that if you have kids, this camera was made for you.
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