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Moto X Voice Unlock without speaking PIN

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Default Moto X Voice Unlock without speaking PIN

For anybody that is like me and would like to be able to unlock their moto x with voice without speaking their PIN, I have found a solution and thought I would share it. It's not perfect, but it gets the job done and only works from issuing a command through the ok google now always listening.

Prerequisites: tasker, secure settings

First, go into phone settings>touchless control>commands while locked. Enable calls

Second, create a dummy contact on your phone. I named mine unlock phone and used 888-888-8888 as the phone number. You can use any number you like but it has to be a working number for this to work.

Third, Create a new profile in tasker with the state being an outgoing call to your new contact

Finally, the task:
A1: secure settings>clear password
A2: wait 5 seconds
A4: end call
A5: wait 5 seconds
A6: secure settings>set pin/password

now when the phone is locked just say, ok google now.....call unlock phone (I've also had luck just saying unlock phone). once the call goes through, secure settings disables the password, ends the call, and then resets your password/pin.
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I also have many other tasker profiles that I am willing to share. I have been trying to completely switch to voice commands for the phone so I have been doing a lot of work with tasker and its plugins. Any questions just ask.
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Thanks for the post and info about Tasker. I am new to tasker and would be interested in seeing your setups. Thanks for your input
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I have profiles for:
opening apps, setting the volume, unlocking the phone,

automatically searching for videos and playing them in netflix or youtube,
once i get the thing to use chromecast, going to add the ability to choose big screen

starting/stopping/pausing music, skipping next/previous songs, restarting current song,
checking the current artist name/ song track,
auto posting currently playing song to twitter account,

prompting when new text message arrives to see if you would like it read aloud
with the option to respond and verify the message before sending
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my newest creation:

manually set the speed limit, or when maps opens, it asks if you would like to turn on the speedometer
once you specify a speed limit, it checks to make sure its between 0 and 85, if not it prompts you to say a new speed limit
once the speed limit is set, it monitors your speed every 10 seconds to see if you are going 3 or more mph over
if you are speeding, there is a verbal warning to slow down.
if you are driving more than 5 mph under the speed limit, it doesnt do anything the first time but after the second check, it asks you if the speed limit has changed. this allows you to slow down for whatever reason but speed back up without the phone yelling at you

I am working on a smart monitor that will automatically set the speed limit based on your current speed, warn you if you start speeding but if you continue to speed, it will automatically reset the speed limit without yelling at you multiple times. same thing is true if you drop below the speed limit for a specific amount of time, it will reset it then as well.
then for those times when you leave a town, it will detect that you are picking up a significant amount of speed and set the speed limit after you reach a consistent speed.
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Semi-related, I recently learned about the shell input options in Tasker. You can simulate screen touches by selecting the action as script, and then shell. The command itself is:

input tap x y
Where X and Y are the coordinates on the screen. I find it easiest to enable the setting in Developer Options to see the coords you're touching and write them down, then enter them into Tasker. You can also use swipe instead of tap:

input swipe X1 Y1 X2 Y2
I didn't mess with it too much, but I see A LOT of potential with it and Tasker App Factory to make one off apps to execute the commands and using Google Now to launch them while driving, etc.

Note that using shell commands does require root.
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