Default Motorola Feedback Network - soak test starting this afternoon

Looks like the Soak Test starts this afternoon.


Thanks for signing up for the AT&T Moto X software soak test. The software should be pushed to your phone later this afternoon. The link below will take you to the private feedback community.

Your input is very important to us. To ensure we hear you, please follow these guidelines:
Please post all your feedback in our private community (link below). This also where you'll find help during the soak.
Please do not call or contact Motorola or AT&T support for help during the soak. Those teams are not yet ready to support this software.
I'm not able to check private messages on the forums during soaks, so if you need immediate help that's not a good route to take.
If you have any problems accessing the private community, please reply back to this email for. NOTE: Please check to see that you are logging in using the email address where you are receiving this message.
If you like my stuff, and/or I or anyone else has helped you, remember to hit