Default Battery life and analyzer (no root): 4.2 vs 4.4


I am on 4.4 and have horrible battery time. It last less than 12 hours with about 2.x screen-on time. I've turned off wake-lock on almost all battery time. Yet CPU spy says deep sleep is only 13% of time.

Most of the tool requires root on 4.4. Yet I can't root my device.

I am wondering if I should go back to 4.2.

1. What's the battery life comparison b/w 4.2 and 4.4?

2. Under 4.2, without root, are there tools allow me to find out what is eating my battery?

gTablet, DRH Jelly Bean 4.3
Kindle Fire HD 8.9, PAC-man
Moto X XT1058, AT&T 4.4
Samsung Galaxy S4 i337, AT&T, 4.3 rooted