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My wife had an iPhone 4s. I finally talked her into an S2. After 3 months of complaining about this and that, she popped her sim back in the iPhone. And swore the iphone 5s is her next phone. Grrrrrr.

Then I got an x. She played with it a few times and finally said, I want one! Still, she said she preferred a 5s, but expensive. We buy phones outright now. So, I was admittedly getting a bit bored with the X...I'm a semi flashaholic. Lol. So I have her the X and got the N5.

3 months later....she never wants an iPhone again. Loves her X!!
My fiance switched from an iPhone. Her entire family is full if Apple fanboys (they don't know any better). Once she switched to the X she looks at iPhones like primitive and archaic devices and would never switch back. Heck, she loves her X so much that I ordered one for myself. (Coming from a Razr M).

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