Default [Q] Enable wifi tether on AT&T Moto X?

The Moto X is the first phone I've ever had where I want to stay on the stock ROM, but that comes with a drawback. Because mine is the AT&T version, they won't let me turn on wifi tethering. I am rooted, and have tried as many tether apps in as many configurations as I could, but still no luck. If anyone could help me out, I would be extremely grateful!

PS: I know that previously on the Moto Razr HD, you could disable the subscription check like this:

In SQLite Editor (or comparable), navigate to:
"Settings Storage :" (the icon is a red and white hammer and wrench)
then: "settings.db"
then: "settings"
then: _id 79 "entitlement check"
Once there, change "value" field from "1" to "0"

That worked like a charm for me then, but I couldn't find any obvious similar hack in sqlite on the Moto X. Maybe someone out there with more experience knows where to look?