Default Moto X Developer Edition (GSM Networks)

I am waiting for a new Moto X Developer Edition (GSM). I'd like to know from anyone who has a MXDE (GSM) and got the Kit Kat update whether or not the MXDE (GSM) iteration of KitKat contains the business search that was introduced on the Nexus 5. In addition to the Nexus 5, I've seen a Nexus 4 user on a YouTube review able to use this feature (Alexander Ruiz's "Android 4.4 (Kit Kat) Review on Nexus 4" video at the 3:00 mark). I understand the carrier-branded handsets do not have this feature, so my question is specifically pointed at the GSM MXDE. Does anyone with the MXDE (GSM) with Kit Kat know if the dialer has business search and "smarter caller id"?