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[Q] moto x one day sale May 1:what's Dev Ed and do i need it/should i buy it?

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just ordered Unlocked GSM T-Mobile 32GB version, Can I flash it to dev edition ROM so that I can get a customized dev edition?
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Dev Edition is the same as the unlocked GSM just with retaining warranty if you unlock bootloader

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Originally Posted by sweepsnregs View Post
Subj: moto x one day sale May 1:what's Dev Ed and do i need it/should i buy it?
[hoping u can reply w enough lead time b4 5/1]

I wouldn't classify myself as a power user far from it. Meaning never/wouldn't
know how to root and/or installing CyanogenMod and the likes. Given my
background, would there still be advantageous for me to buy the Dev Ed edition
SINCE it will BE THE SAME PRICE as the NON Dev Ed version (like maybe in resell
and other aspects u can think of but I haven't)?
Also isn't there/i think remember reading somewhere there is/might be security
issues with unlocked bootloader yes no??? What does unlocked bootloader do for Dev
people...and what could it do for the avg Joes?

what ur final recommendation: which version should i buy?
im going to repeat what has been said by me and others in the countless threads asking this same question....

The two developer edition moto X's come in black face, woven white back, with silver accents (buttons and ring around camera), and say Developer Edition on back. They only come as 32 gig. When it comes to unlocking the bootloader, you can get the code from moto for free, and it does not void your warranty. Once the bootloader is unlocked you can install 3rd party recovery, root, or install 3rd party roms (by 3rd party, I mean non-moto)

The retail x comes as black face, woven black back, and silver accents, or white face, woven white back, and silver accents. Moto Maker can be customized. These come as 32 or 16 gig.

I'm not going to go into the reasons why, but Moto does NOT give out the bootloader unlock code for the Retail and MotoMaker X for Verizon, ATT and a few other carriers.

When it comes to hardware, the GSM Developer Edition (XT1053) is the same as the T-Mobile or Carrier Unlocked/Unbranded (XT1053) and uses the same ROMs. The big difference is getting the unlock code from Moto for the non-dev edition voids the warranty. When it comes to the (CDMA) Developer Edition X for Verizon, they too are identical hardware, but as said, you can't get the unlock code from Moto unless you have the Dev Ed. (Note: for a brief period, there was a Chinses site selling the codes, but it was shut down and is not presently available. No one knows for sure if it ever will be again)

If they are the exact same price, get the dev edition so you can unlock the bootloader without voiding the warranty.

If you have ATT, know that their X is the XT1058, you can not get its bootloader unlock code from Moto. More importantly, by specs support supports 2 additional LTE bands (originally said to only be used outside the USA, but lately there has been talk that ATT is using one of them now), but does not support HSPA on AWS ( used by t-mobile for non-LTE 4g, but t-mobile has been reframing their 1900 from 2g to HSPA in some areas). So if you have AT&T but got the gsm dev, you'd be at risk starts fully using one or both of those LTE bands in the USA. In the future.

As for why unlock the bootloader, what would the average Joe gain by it? See ->
aka Mark_Venture

My Moto X tips and info

Currently using Verizon Moto X Developer Edition on my personal line.. But I have too many devices to choose from for work and personal... For the full list click -> HERE <-

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Replying/note to self but don't mind sharing:
~4min mark starts getting into/talking about Dev Ed/unlocking bootloader/rooting/root [Moto X Developer Edition Advantages ... Why would anyone want a Moto X DE phone if they aren't developing for android? Watch and find out if a
DE phone is right for you]
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