mine slowly/medium charges with MyLog and CarHome Ultra or Nav.

I have a magnet and SkipDot in my car dock to auto unlock and trigger car mode which launches CarHome Ultra. I use Llama to further trigger and enable bluetooth and gps as well as disable WiFi. bluetooth connecting to my JVC head unit triggers My Log and automatically logs journeys for tax. Llama cleans up and turns of gps/bt which causes MyLog to finish too.

swyped from my MOTO XT1053 with tapatalkPRO


i9100 + ASNET MIUIv5 3.8.9 + SiyahKernel v6.0b5 + XXMS2 + LMT + Case-Mate Tough Classic
Galaxy Note N8000 + Darkman's V0.8 jellybeans + LectureNotes + YOOBAO Leather
Defy MB525 (BAYER) + WIUI-2.4.20 (GB-2.3.7) + V6 SuperCharger + FasterROCK + otterbox
IDEOS U8150 + CM7 (super slow, but small and great battery life. Backup phone)