Default [Q][REQ] H and H+ icon mod


I miss my extra signal icons, my Moto X seems to have G E and 3G signal icons only, I miss having H and H+ (I am using a unlocked AT&T GSM phone in Australia, so no chance of LTE / 4G)

I noticed that the later GravityBox has option to turn this on, but it is one of the few parts of GB on MotoX (4.4.2) that doesn't seem to work. (the other is the fullscreen toggle/imersive choice)

Seems that the Moto X is considered too custom for the GravityBox guys to care too much, fair enuf, they say they dont support custom and most works.

Someone has done a SystemUI.apk for the Moto G here

Does anyone have the skills to mod Moto X to have the H and H+ icons when connected to HSDPA and HSPA+ respectively and 3G icon on UMTS instead of 3G icon for all?


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