Default Non Rooted Tmobile 4.4 (battery life question ) please join

well in moto x general topic there's a thread regarding moto x battery life but it's hard to discuss since not all of us is using pure non root device and seems most of the people when they got they're phone they root the phone but that's not what I want to discuss.

In this thread I want to see and to know more for those who own moto x tmobile kitkat 4.4 without rooting the phone, especially from the battery perspective. How's your moto x handle all the apps that you've download ? do you feel your moto x after kitkat 4.4 is just getting worse day after day and do you feel losing battery performance that makes you think that you're having hardware issue with your moto x ? please feel free to share and any solution and tips that I believe would be useful for everyone here that's not rooting their moto x to improve their battery life.
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