Default solved - adb device not recognized

I I apologize if this has been answered somewhere else. I did a couple of searches without finding an answer.

I can not get my MotoX to be a recognized device via adb. I am running Windows8 and I'm trying to get adb access to my ATT MotoX (DAMN, I wish I had a dev verstion!).

- It shows up under "other devices" as XT1058.
- It will not show up as an adb device in win8 device manager.
- I have tried different usb cables with the same result (and, different usb ports)
- I have changed the settings on Win8 to allow unsigned drivers.
- I have installed Moto Device Manager - didn't help.
- I have installed the Universal Naked drivers and "latest_usb_drivers_windows"
- I have uninstalled the device in device manager and de-selected/selected usb de-bugging and still comes up under "other devices"
- I have entered the Windows/Inf folder and deleted several inf files in an attempt to remove references to other drivers to get win8 to access the correct ones... hasn't worked so far....

Can someone please assist me in getting this thing recognized via adb?

I know fastboot is a separate issue - but, I can access fastboot so I'm fairly certain it is not a hardware issue (cable/port/etc).


Ok, I entered the folder Windows/Inf and opened up every single "oemN" file (N being the number following "oem") and deleted every file which had Android drivers... I then re-installed the Moto drivers and it worked...

Now, it says the device is "offline" - I need to research how to change THAT!


Ok, solved the "offline" issue... Updated the adb in "platform-tools" manually to 1.0.31

This caused the MotoX to FINALLY provide the pop up window to verify access to my computer's identity (which it refused to do previously).

Used this file:

and copy/pasted the zip contents into the "platform-tools" folder to update the adb files.
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