Default Unlocked Bootloader Moto X Lost Root


I have a moto x with the bootloader unlocked and stock kernel with TWRP. Everything else is stock android 4.4 from T-Mobile.

I followed this thread to root the phone: "[HOW-TO][DEV EDITION ONLY]Root on 4.4 KitKat"

Everything went fine and I had root acces. I installed xposed framework and some moddueles without problem and cerberus but when I tried to install greenify I noticed I couldn't give it root permissions. I checked super su's app and everything seemed normal so I downloaded Root Checker to confirm I'm rooted but it says I'm not.

Knowing that I lost root (can't figure out why) I went to super su app and selected to unroot the device. Then I booted into recovery and flashed again the root zip but when checking again if I have root privileges with root checker, it still says no.

Now I can't get root again. I'd like to avoid using fastboot because I'm using linux (I'm a noob with bootloaders and fastboot because I got spoiled by Samsung).

Can anyone help me?

Thanks in advance

I forgot to mention that I did a backup before I rooted the device the first time in case that helps.

Nevermind. I fixed it.