Question [Q] Update rooted Verizon 4.2.2 X to 4.4 on Mac?

Howdy all, I truly believe I've searched far and long to no avail.
I have a Verizon Moto X, on 4.2.2, rooted by simply downloading (on the phone) and installing PwnMyMoto 1.4.3 for VZW.
I followed a YouTube video titled "How To One Click Root Verizon MotoX [Updated] PwnMyMoto With Write Protection Bypass"

I'd like to update to 4.4. I'm using a Mac, and I've successfully set up ADB/Fastboot in Terminal.

I've seen a few guides, but I'm still not 100% getting it.

Is it relatively easy, being that I'm rooted?

Could any kind soul make my day and please give me simple steps for a lunkhead like myself?