Default [Q] Wifi tether stopped working

Unlocked and rooted XT1053 running a custom ROM and kernel. Running same ROM and kernel for months and was using wifi tether daily.

Wifi tether stopped working today, I just used it last Thursday without issue. No changes made to ROM or kernel in between that time. The only thing I've done since is clear dalvik/cache last night but I don't see how that could cause problems.

I usually just turn on Wifi hotspot via the quick settings tile and it enables. Now when I hit the quick setting nothing happens. When I go into settings menu to enable "Portable Wi-Fi hotspot", it gets stuck on "Turning hotspot on..."

Anyone have any ideas?

Edit: actually - unless I'm missing something I can't even find the native tethering app anymore...somehow it got deleted? Anyone know how it can be restored?
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