Angry [MOD] 4.4.3 Multilanguages pack for 212.44.21.ghost_row.Retail.en.US

Blur_Version.212.44.21.ghost_row.Retail.en.US Multilang pack here - flash via recovery.

- Extra features (active display, touchless control etc.) remained in original English language.
- Used the Moto X 4.4.2 EU version ! Moto G GPE 4.4.4 roms (values, xmls, etc) for the modifications.
- I dont touch the camera and the calendar apps, because it is often updated.
- With the modified application the updates will not work. Here it is the original apps - flash via cwm. - When it roll out a Motorola Moto X firmware update you need to flash the original files, and update it via OTA.

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The packages works only on 212.44.21.ghost_row.Retail.en.US rom (XT 1053 4.4.3).
Motorola Moto X 4.4.2 Stock with Multilang Pack --- " 'AANNG 'HOOT'" (= La verdad esta lejos de aqui)