Default [TUTORIAL] I Don't Need No Stinking Smartwatch!! Moto FlipWatch

All you'll need is of course your trusty old flipout (reuse and reproduce - electronics recycling) a wristband of any kind, I used a sweatband one, but you could get creative and some large adhesive velcro dots I bought at Michael's, I had mine sown onto the wristband for a stronger and more secure grip.

The outcome is this:

My owned smartphone list order:
HTC Mogul
Samsung i760
LG Fathom
(Went to the darkside.... Still waiting for my cookies!!)
Dell Streak (Mini) 5
Samsung Galaxy Note 2 (Finally got my cookies | i317 on T-Mobile)

Using HTC HD2 - [Windows Mobile 6.5 Stock, Ubuntu and MccMBoXMaX SD] - Dell Streak (Mini) 5 [LXdroid 0.2] - Samsung i317 [DN3 v4B 4.4.2]