Question [Q] Xoom sluggish no matter what rom / kernal

I have a stingray (4g) xoom, this is my second one. First one (wingray) I returned after a week when it first came out (for a laptop)
I bought this one off swappa because I still feel its the sturdiest tablet and the bootloader can be unlocked

I remember installing EOS, tiamat, dualbooting with backtrack ...etc tablet was always snappy and fast

The one I have now seems to be sluggish. Stock, Bigpart, CM this CM that... honestly the only time I even saw what could have been the performance I remember was when i brought it all the way back to honeycomb lol

The sluggish I'm referring to is a delay in response, hanging, no capacitive response from screen, low frame rates in games like plants vs zombies when you finish a wave.

I've tried overclocking, under clocking (you never know), a few kernels, 9001% stock.. same symptoms.

I've gotten curious if maybe the unit is defective...

Does anyone have any advice or a rom/kernal they are using that is smooth like butter. doesn't have to be the latest and greatest android. hell I prefer the releases before 4.3 with the tablet UI