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What a ludicrous logic. If there's a bug that needs quashing, or some code that needs tweaking in order to improve performance, why would you not want it done immediately? If every such tiny update makes the OS better in even the most minuscule way, then hell I wouldn't mind even a 4.4.9!

Also, the news of a new update gets me excited like a little girl wearing her mommy's heels. I love system updates!
i would, but thats not the problem with these 4.4.x updates, the problem is that they are not even testing them right, look at 4.4.2, 1day after 4.4.1, also these 4.4.x are INCOMPLETE the freaking new kitkat theme is not complete, i stil see lots of thngs on AOSP apps(not from gapps, aosp like systemui etc...), by things i mean HOLO Things witch dosent make any sense with this new theme, and makes the ui really ugly, they should test everything b4 releasing it, ok i know there will be bugs that users wil find ok then build a new android, but test it before.
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