Info 2 battery broblem

more than a week ago i flashed the NEXUS 5 port for the nexus 4
i did clean flash for the installation. Before that rom i had installed the factory image from Google using the flash-all.bat file.

three days ago i rebooted my phone (never rebooted it before) using Quick boot and i saw that i lost 5% of my battery. After that i rebooted my phone a couple of times and i had lost again 3-10% of my battery. I didn't do anything and let it be...
Yesterday, i fully charged my phone believing that i would calibrate the battery and the problem would be gone, BUT after i unplugged it from the charger i rebooted it and i found out another problem from then every time i reboot my phone all the battery stats are gone. for example, i had 5h of battery use and 1h of screen on time and after the reboot i had 0h battery use and 0 screen on time How can this happen???? Oh, and one more thing... If I don't lock and unlock the phone the screen on time is 0.

Is there any way to fix it withou having to do factory reset or full wipe the sd?