[Q] Battery or Logic Board failure?

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By SirFoxx, Junior Member on 9th May 2014, 02:03 AM
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So the other day while minding my own business, I pulled out my phone to use it's calculator for some accounting work. Just as a side note, I keep my phone in my front pocket, and do not wear skinny jeans. When I pulled it out, I looked at the back and it had a crack going down the center of the glass with a slight bulge where the battery is. As soon as I got home, I pulled the battery out and saw that the backside was bulging outwards. It bulged so bad that it managed to crack the glass even with one of those gel-like protectors on it O_o. I tossed it aside and put it my spare battery, which should have been good. This is where the interesting stuff starts happening.

Slowly but surely, the lifespan of my battery would get shorter till the point where as soon as I unplugged it, it would die. It got so bad that It would die around 95%. When it would charge, the percentage would vary a lot, making a very interesting graph in the battery app I have. Not only that, but sometimes when I would restart my phone, it would be a completely different percentage than it was before. On top of that, when the phone would die, it would be at a different percentage than when it was still alive. I would have to plug it into a charger in order for it to start up again. If I did not, it would sometimes get into a boot loop where it would say google, turn off, then turn itself back on, rinse and repeat until I held the power button forcing it off.

After I changed the battery, I rooted it and put the Carbon nightly rom on it, but in order to eliminate possible problems, I did do a factory reset to the phone to make sure it was either of those.

Now I did put a "new" battery from ebay in it, but I am still having the same issue. However, the battery I believe was not new because it still had glue on the back of it from a previous nexus. My actual new battery should be here tomorrow I hope.

Could there be a problem with the batteries, or could there be a problem with my logic board? I have tried two different chargers, the LG one provided with the phone, and a rocket fish wall charger, same problem. Attached are two different pictures of the battery graph. The sharp drops are where it dies, and the sawtooth wave is it on charge. (Don't hurt me! I know I'm not supposed to post outside links, but this is absolutely necessary for you wonderful people to help me! Just remove the space in the link and it will work)

http: //
http: //
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