Post [Q] Bluetooth Issues with ported Nexus 5 rom

I was running the very first Nexus 5 port made by boykioy and I flashed the ROM with no issues at all and without having to flash a new radio or kernel. When the KOT49H update came out by the same person I flashed it and my phone went into a loop where I realized that I had to flash a new radio in order for the update to function. The radio I had flashed was the stock radio provided on a blog by the same person that created the ports. The name of the radio is the v.98 KOT49H stock radio. If you have ever used Bluetooth in your car or for an external speaker you might have realized that once you pair your device it remains paired and will connect automatically when Bluetooth is enabled and the speaker/car is on. This was the case for me until I flashed the new radio. Now when I first pair my device to my car stereo or any Bluetooth speaker it will pair and play perfectly fine. Even when I turn the car/speaker off and turn it back on it will automatically reconnect and play perfect. The issue comes when I turn off Bluetooth on my phone or turn my phone off and on again; the devices won't connect again and when I manually connect them the sound will glitch about every 10 seconds. But as soon as I unpair and delete the info ok my phone and re-pair it works perfect. If anyone has any solutions or ideas I'd be more than willing to try them. I couldn't attach a link to the blog but it's real simple: nexus4(period)techxeroblog(period)com