Angry Bootloop after OTA 4.2->4.3->4.4.1

I've got a CWR backup from 4.2.2 - if I downgrade from 4.3 back to 4.2.2 will I be able to restore using CWR all of my data?

First thing, thanks to MArk skippen for the awesome toolkit and everyone who's active on this board

I've got a rooted N4 (CWR) which was stable at 4.2.2 - A day ago I've decided to OTA it o 4.4.2
The jump to 4.3 was great , but the jump to 4.4.1 ([?]) wasn't
First I got the "ERROR" android, after it I had to power it down, after which I'm in a "white google" boot-loop
CWR is gone and I'm left with stock recovery - wiping chech didn't help (too afraid to check if factory reset will kill my data)

Phone doesn't boot far enough to get the computer to recognize it for ADB, but I'm free to FASTBOOT it
I've succeeded in temporary flashing CWR - but my backups give me a md5 mismatch (because its now on 4.3 and not 4.2?)

can't find a post with exactly my situation, So I'm asking you guys.