Default [Q] Front Camera - Focal Length

Hey all,

Does anyone know what the focal length of the Nexus 4 Front Camera is?
Using the Android API I read out a value of 4.6mm. However, the back camera also has a value of 4.6mm.
That both cameras have the same focal length seems odd to me.

Thus I did a bit more research and discovered that the N4 uses the Sony IMX119 Sensor for the Front Facing Camera. According to the specification this is a 1/7.8 Sensor. On this site ( I found that the IMX119 (1/7.7) has either a focal length of 2.093 or of 2.02.

However, this all seems a bit odd to me. Does anybody know what the focal length of the front facing camera is and WHY the Android API returns different values according to this specification?

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