Default [Help] Building Android from source:

Hey Guys,

So I finally decided to learn what all this compiling and building from source is about.. So far I really learned to appreciate the developers on this site.. I started out trying to build AOSP and cherry pick commits, but after the build kept failing now my goal is just straight up AOSP for now..

I followed all different guides to get to the point of building it - it boots up without issue however I have no cell signal - baseband version is unknown.

I am at a lose to what to do. I do have the Google Nexus Binaries, and in the device/lge/mako/ I changed PRODUCT_RESTRICT_VENDOR_FILES := true to false.

I did make clobber to clean out any failed build, and rebuilt. I also can't get a kernel to build but thats a different beast so for now I am just using the stock boot.img.

Any help would be greatly appreciated..

**Edit** Only thing that may be an issue I think I used the preview binaries for nexus 4 - which I guess might be for Android L? Going to try to download the ones for 4.4 and see if that changes anything.

**Edit 2** After changing from the preview binaries to the regular 4.4.4 ones from google, I did make clobber and rebuilt android.. And I have full cell signal